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You can find the best ensemble of both historic and contemporary paintings here. This antique painting displayed right here is one of our greatest assets. Visit us to know more!

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An antique is a unique object that is passed down from a loved one and has a sentimental value attached to it. Antiques are widely appreciated for its craftsmanship and unique design. The period of each piece of the antique can be decided based on its design and print. Antique furniture’s, clocks, compass, kitchenware are some famous antique items that are still sort of. Antiques are usually expensive because of its aesthetic value. Each piece of Antique is historically significant. Antiques are usually available in antique stores, sale auctions or online auctions. Here are some top places you can shop antiques from.

Jumble sales.

Jumble sales are usually organized by charity organizations, church or scouts and guide movements. Since the cause is for charity, it wouldn’t be the bargain to a price below 5% of what is offered. Vintage clothing and ancient paintings are best to get picked from jumble sales.  A clearance sale may fetch you antiques at affordable rates.

Car boot sales.

Car boot sales happen in bulk. Some traders sell their antiques and junk art. It is important to negotiate and make the deal at the best price. They sell lower end antiques.

Specialist dealers shop.

A specialist dealer is a person experienced in the field of antiques. He would know what prices would go up in the future. Always remember, as the age increases, the worth of the antique goes up too. Even though it might be a little costly in the present, it is wise to purchase from a specialist as the price of your antique is bound to increase in the future. Specialist’s auctions are also a safe place to buy antiques.


A fair is a place where dealers in many numbers compete. Check out the top 10 fairs and flea markets.This helps to compare prices and get the antique of your choice.


eBay is said to have 10 million users a day. If the sellers are credible, making your purchase from eBay is worth the money you spend. On eBay, you can either buy the product on the spot or bid for an item within the deadline.

Bermondsey Market in London.

This market in London is famous for its antiques. The market opens on all Fridays. The bargain begins at 9 am and goes until dusk. However, a very few shops in the street remains open on all days.

San Telmo Antiques Fair, Argentina.

Jewelry, movie posters, vintage trinkets, etc. are some of the main attractions of the San Telmo Fair. The place is trendy for its street bands as well. The market remains open on all days. It opens at 10:00 am and closes at 5 pm. Jazz music is played from dawn till dusk.

What to Look for in Antique Musical Instruments

What to Look for in Antique Musical Instruments

The only thing I love more than antiques is making music. I must confess that many of the instruments I own are not antique. In fact, I spend much too much time reading up on the latest in digital piano tech. But my heart will always be with the antique instruments.

Most of us enjoy the elements of antique instruments. The smell, texture, appearance, all contribute to the beauty of a classic piece. It is funny how the old things take a higher place than the new ones. And how it becomes significant to someone’s possession

There are several factors that make the antiques extra special. One factor is its past owner, especially when it came from popular personality, it adds up to its value. Also, who made it also is a factor. The designers and craftsman have a huge contribution to the item’s worth.

There are some hassle factors in buying antique musical instruments, here are some of them:

Knowing that there are a lot of fake items nowadays, authenticity can be an issue. Every purchase must require a thorough examination, test, and several opinions.

Insurance can be expensive. Owning an antique musical instrument needs a specialized insurance especially when it is from a working musician. Usually, the annual cost is 0.05% of the instrument’s value.

Taking care of the instruments is a must to prolong its lifespan. Most antiques are extremely well-maintained by collectors or musician, so regular maintenance is a must. It can be a bit hassle for most.

When buying antique musical instruments, here are some buying tips you need to consider:

  • Make sure the authenticity of the instrument.
  • Check the condition of the instrument so it does not affect its value.

The quality of the sound can limit the number the potential buyers, so choose a high-quality one.

If you own good-quality musical instruments and you want to store it, here are some tips you need to do:
One best tip is to maintain its cleanliness. Taking care of the quality of the instruments requires you to clean it properly. There are special cleaning materials for specific instruments. Also, a variety of cleaning solutions that can and cannot be used in some items. So make sure to research well before applying it to the musical instruments.

Tune up the instruments before you store it. This will keep the strings of some instruments from breaking.
Keep your instruments away from floors, vents, lights, and doorways for safety.
Store them in their cases so dust and dirt will not be a problem.
Personal storage is an easy and affordable way to protect the instruments. It is the smartest thing to do if you want them to look new for many years.


Music plays a huge part in today’s world. There are a lot of people who showcase their talents and skills when it comes to playing musical instruments. Naturally-born gifted or fast-learners individuals can be a part of one’s legacy. People can fulfill their dreams while having the best time of their lives.
Instruments can be handed down for generations if it is taken good care of. With proper cleaning and storage, the quality of it will remain through times. When you are looking for antique musical instruments, remember to consider all the factor and tips from this article to ensure its lifetime benefits.

Some Tips on How to Open an Online Antique Shop

Some Tips on How to Open an Online Antique Shop

Putting together a website for Anitques Alberta turned out to be a bigger task than we imagined. But we are pleased with the outcome and hope you are to.

We wanted to share some things we learned along the way. We initially started with some help from June’s guide at Make Your Boutique. It helped us focus down. Anyway, here are some tips on how to open an online antique shop.

There are millions of people from around the world that have a passion for antique items.
And in today’s world of Internet and the Instagram, looking and purchasing for the perfect
antique items has become easy with only a few clicks.

Thankfully, the internet is not only helpful to antique item buyers. The internet also offers a
whole new career path: Online Antique Shops!

While the traditional brick and mortar stones need a major rent, upkeep, and literal
walking traffic in order to flourish, Online shops have allowed people with passion for
antiques to own their own shop and gain significant income.

So, if you are planning on opening an online antique shop, here are a few steps you should

1. Identify your items

Deciding what type of antique shop you will run can affect decisions like the startup costs.
In general, high street antique shops sell items that have popular aesthetic appeal to a mass
market. These are occasionally mid-value to low-value items. You can buy your stocks from
different locations like other online antique shops and car boot sales.
Specialist antique shops, on the other hand, deal in more expensive goods like collector
items. This type of antique items draws people with its history or aged aesthetics.

2. Register a domain name

Create a name that is unique, catchy, short yet meaningful name for your domain name.
You can look for a domain registration websites in order to set up your online shop.

3. Set an online shop

The next thing you need to do is to decide where you will sell your antique items. If you
want a virtual storefront that offers customization options then you can try GoDaddy
Online Store or Shopify. Also, you can set your own website through Wix and WordPress.

4. Compile your inventory

Thrift stores are a good place to find antique treasures. However, thrift shops are not the
only place where you can find sellable items. You can find antique items at regular auctions
which are held 2 or 3 times a week in other cities. For most antique dealers, auctions are a

good source of supplies. However, you need to be cautious when buying because there are
hundreds or thousands of antique shops which have no monetary value.

5. Date your products and price it right

For antique lovers, the date is what matters most. The older the date, the more value the
item has. When listing your inventory, make sure to add descriptions and approximate the
item’s date or era. For pricing, you can always make a simple Google search for a certain
item to help you approximate the average market price of the item. And as a general rule,
the older the item, the higher the price it will fetch.

6. Be sociable

Spread the words about your online shop through social media accounts. Create an account
on popular social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and post pictures, videos and
blogs about your online shop in order to gain traffic for your website.

Types of antiques by Antiques Alberta

Types of antiques by Antiques Alberta

Antique is derived from a Latin word – antiques, which means very old. Any unique object that has high value due to its age and quality is called an antique. An antique belongs to ancient times. They are rare to find and lasts well over time. Antique items are expensive because of its aesthetic and historical significance. They are wrapped with personal emotion and beauty. Antiques are passes down from a loved one and have a sentimental value attached to them. They showcase a special skill of craftsmanship and has an attractive design. Antiques are available in antique shops, online auctions, estate auctions, etc. Here are a few types of antique items.

Antique Furniture.

In a different era, furniture was one of the means through which splendor was displayed. Even in the traditional palaces if you observe, furniture’s are quite a beauty. The craftsmanship and design are peculiar indeed. Most furniture’s would be embedded with precious stones making it appear royal. The quality of the furniture’s is so good that they last long! The corner cupboard that became famous in the mid-18th century is still sort after. The silver trophy cups are still showcased in homes. Antique paintings are beautifully portrayed at homes too.

Antique Jewelry.

The worth of antique jewelry increases with age. They are mostly pre-worn and comes as second-hand jewelry. The early Victorian Georgian Jewelry is famous. It was the early elite crowd that set the trend and design for the generations to follow. The once popular vintage flower pins of the 1960’s are making a strong comeback.

Antique Clocks.

Antique clocks refer to mechanical clocks that were made centuries ago. However, the same style is still being used. The long grandfather’s clock, wall dangling clocks or table clocks. They either run by gravity or by the help of a spring.


Culinary antique, in the golden era, was used to display wealth and splendor. In some houses, it was believed that the wealth of a family is reflected in the culinary they use. A lot of effort is put to design kitchenware. The earthenware and stoneware set of jars are famous till date. The Chinaware culinary is still sorted. The English romantic pitchers that were introduced during England’s Industrial revolution are still searched for. They come handy to serve tea and coffee. Floral printed designs that come with vegetable bowls fitted with a knob is precious! The design and structure of the culinary are amazing.

Antique Compass.

Age old brass compass once used before hundred years is still precious. Most of the compasses being magnetic works just fine. Antique compass is available at an antique shop or mostly from online auctions. As the age gets older, antiques more expensive they become.