The only thing I love more than antiques is making music. I must confess that many of the instruments I own are not antique. In fact, I spend much too much time reading up on the latest in digital piano tech. But my heart will always be with the antique instruments.

Most of us enjoy the elements of antique instruments. The smell, texture, appearance, all contribute to the beauty of a classic piece. It is funny how the old things take a higher place than the new ones. And how it becomes significant to someone’s possession

There are several factors that make the antiques extra special. One factor is its past owner, especially when it came from popular personality, it adds up to its value. Also, who made it also is a factor. The designers and craftsman have a huge contribution to the item’s worth.

There are some hassle factors in buying antique musical instruments, here are some of them:

Knowing that there are a lot of fake items nowadays, authenticity can be an issue. Every purchase must require a thorough examination, test, and several opinions.

Insurance can be expensive. Owning an antique musical instrument needs a specialized insurance especially when it is from a working musician. Usually, the annual cost is 0.05% of the instrument’s value.

Taking care of the instruments is a must to prolong its lifespan. Most antiques are extremely well-maintained by collectors or musician, so regular maintenance is a must. It can be a bit hassle for most.

When buying antique musical instruments, here are some buying tips you need to consider:

  • Make sure the authenticity of the instrument.
  • Check the condition of the instrument so it does not affect its value.

The quality of the sound can limit the number the potential buyers, so choose a high-quality one.

If you own good-quality musical instruments and you want to store it, here are some tips you need to do:
One best tip is to maintain its cleanliness. Taking care of the quality of the instruments requires you to clean it properly. There are special cleaning materials for specific instruments. Also, a variety of cleaning solutions that can and cannot be used in some items. So make sure to research well before applying it to the musical instruments.

Tune up the instruments before you store it. This will keep the strings of some instruments from breaking.
Keep your instruments away from floors, vents, lights, and doorways for safety.
Store them in their cases so dust and dirt will not be a problem.
Personal storage is an easy and affordable way to protect the instruments. It is the smartest thing to do if you want them to look new for many years.


Music plays a huge part in today’s world. There are a lot of people who showcase their talents and skills when it comes to playing musical instruments. Naturally-born gifted or fast-learners individuals can be a part of one’s legacy. People can fulfill their dreams while having the best time of their lives.
Instruments can be handed down for generations if it is taken good care of. With proper cleaning and storage, the quality of it will remain through times. When you are looking for antique musical instruments, remember to consider all the factor and tips from this article to ensure its lifetime benefits.