Antique is derived from a Latin word – antiques, which means very old. Any unique object that has high value due to its age and quality is called an antique. An antique belongs to ancient times. They are rare to find and lasts well over time. Antique items are expensive because of its aesthetic and historical significance. They are wrapped with personal emotion and beauty. Antiques are passes down from a loved one and have a sentimental value attached to them. They showcase a special skill of craftsmanship and has an attractive design. Antiques are available in antique shops, online auctions, estate auctions, etc. Here are a few types of antique items.

Antique Furniture.

In a different era, furniture was one of the means through which splendor was displayed. Even in the traditional palaces if you observe, furniture’s are quite a beauty. The craftsmanship and design are peculiar indeed. Most furniture’s would be embedded with precious stones making it appear royal. The quality of the furniture’s is so good that they last long! The corner cupboard that became famous in the mid-18th century is still sort after. The silver trophy cups are still showcased in homes. Antique paintings are beautifully portrayed at homes too.

Antique Jewelry.

The worth of antique jewelry increases with age. They are mostly pre-worn and comes as second-hand jewelry. The early Victorian Georgian Jewelry is famous. It was the early elite crowd that set the trend and design for the generations to follow. The once popular vintage flower pins of the 1960’s are making a strong comeback.

Antique Clocks.

Antique clocks refer to mechanical clocks that were made centuries ago. However, the same style is still being used. The long grandfather’s clock, wall dangling clocks or table clocks. They either run by gravity or by the help of a spring.


Culinary antique, in the golden era, was used to display wealth and splendor. In some houses, it was believed that the wealth of a family is reflected in the culinary they use. A lot of effort is put to design kitchenware. The earthenware and stoneware set of jars are famous till date. The Chinaware culinary is still sorted. The English romantic pitchers that were introduced during England’s Industrial revolution are still searched for. They come handy to serve tea and coffee. Floral printed designs that come with vegetable bowls fitted with a knob is precious! The design and structure of the culinary are amazing.

Antique Compass.

Age old brass compass once used before hundred years is still precious. Most of the compasses being magnetic works just fine. Antique compass is available at an antique shop or mostly from online auctions. As the age gets older, antiques more expensive they become.