An antique is a unique object that is passed down from a loved one and has a sentimental value attached to it. Antiques are widely appreciated for its craftsmanship and unique design. The period of each piece of the antique can be decided based on its design and print. Antique furniture’s, clocks, compass, kitchenware are some famous antique items that are still sort of. Antiques are usually expensive because of its aesthetic value. Each piece of Antique is historically significant. Antiques are usually available in antique stores, sale auctions or online auctions. Here are some top places you can shop antiques from.

Jumble sales.

Jumble sales are usually organized by charity organizations, church or scouts and guide movements. Since the cause is for charity, it wouldn’t be the bargain to a price below 5% of what is offered. Vintage clothing and ancient paintings are best to get picked from jumble sales.  A clearance sale may fetch you antiques at affordable rates.

Car boot sales.

Car boot sales happen in bulk. Some traders sell their antiques and junk art. It is important to negotiate and make the deal at the best price. They sell lower end antiques.

Specialist dealers shop.

A specialist dealer is a person experienced in the field of antiques. He would know what prices would go up in the future. Always remember, as the age increases, the worth of the antique goes up too. Even though it might be a little costly in the present, it is wise to purchase from a specialist as the price of your antique is bound to increase in the future. Specialist’s auctions are also a safe place to buy antiques.


A fair is a place where dealers in many numbers compete. Check out the top 10 fairs and flea markets.This helps to compare prices and get the antique of your choice.


eBay is said to have 10 million users a day. If the sellers are credible, making your purchase from eBay is worth the money you spend. On eBay, you can either buy the product on the spot or bid for an item within the deadline.

Bermondsey Market in London.

This market in London is famous for its antiques. The market opens on all Fridays. The bargain begins at 9 am and goes until dusk. However, a very few shops in the street remains open on all days.

San Telmo Antiques Fair, Argentina.

Jewelry, movie posters, vintage trinkets, etc. are some of the main attractions of the San Telmo Fair. The place is trendy for its street bands as well. The market remains open on all days. It opens at 10:00 am and closes at 5 pm. Jazz music is played from dawn till dusk.